Take a break!

That’s exactly what i did [if you hadn’t noticed it yet]. I couldn’t really take the time to post due to some personal reasons! But i didn’t wanna stop posting it as i feared that once i stop, i might never feel like returning back or that i will lose all the progress made. SoContinue reading “Take a break!”

Changing yourself!

How often do we complain about the world not being fair or that it’s not changing for the good! But what are we really doing to improve ourselves! Our environment, culture, practices & habits have a huge influence upon us! But when we don’t feel aligned with it, instead of sticking to the old patterns,Continue reading “Changing yourself!”

Simple things #1

Welcoming July with love! Oh Iam not talking only about romantic relationships here! It’s about every connection we have with others! If you love them, express it. If you are not comfortable with their actions or behavior tell them! Apologize, if you have hurt them. It need not be in words, it could be evenContinue reading “Simple things #1”

No one is born evil!

This is a para from the book THE SILENT PATIENT BY ALEX MICHAELIDES “Sometimes it’s hard to grasp why the answers to the present lie in the past. A simple analogy might be helpful; a leading psychiatrist in the field of sexual abuse once told me she had, in thirty years of extensive work withContinue reading “No one is born evil!”

“Hey, you were the one asking for it!”

A thousand things might or might not happen if you don’t get something! And the more you think about those possibilities, the more it comes true! Life be like “hey you were the one asking for it!” So start focusing on how you could do something ! Instead of worrying about the results, that mayContinue reading ““Hey, you were the one asking for it!””

Our experiences!

What brings you your experiences is a mystery isn’t it! What if it’s all from our thoughts? If you want courage, life is going to throw you hard situations to grow! If you want to be satisfied, then probably you won’t get everything you want so that you can be satisfied with what you have!Continue reading “Our experiences!”